2017-2018 Executive Board

Hannah Kuhl

President -
Hannah Kuhl (

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Kuhl and I am the Tau Beta Pi president this year. I am a senior majoring in Bioengineering. Aside from Tau Beta Pi, I am also a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society, a trumpet in the Marching Illini, and a lab assistant for BIOE202. In my limited free time I try to spend as much time with my friends as possible. Very excited for a great year of TBP!

Executive Vice President -
Dimitrios Gotsis (

My name is Dimitrios Gotsis and I am a junior in Electrical Engineering. I am Greek and American however I lived in Saudi Arabia for fifteen years. I also briefly lived for three years in London, England and as you can see I love to travel. As well as speaking English, I also speak Greek fluently as well as a little bit of French. I love to socialise and talk so if you are ever up for a chat feel free to come to the TBP happy hours where you will most likely find me. As this years TBP executive VP I hope to make this year for TBP as great as possible.

Victor Qiao

Projects Vice President -
Victor Qiao (

Hi, everyone! I'm Victor Qiao and I am the Projects Vice President for Tau Beta Pi this academic year. I am a senior in Chemical Engineering. Aside from my studies I enjoy working out and hanging out with my friends during the school year. During my breaks I like to go on hiking trips. I look forward to a great year at TBP!

Tejas Jayashankar

Corresponding Secretary -
Tejas Jayashankar (

Hey guys! My name is Tejas Jayashankar and I am the Corresponding Secretary for this academic year. I am a junior majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. Besides TBP, I am an undergraduate researcher with my focus on signal processing. I am also a member of HKN. I enjoy taking on full load of challenging courses every semester. In my free time, I play cards, ping-pong and pool with my friends. I lived in India for 10 years before coming to UIUC. I speak Kannada and love cooking and eating Mexican food.

Esther Murray

Recording Secretaries -
Esther Murray (

Hello :) I'm Esther, a junior from Portland, Oregon, majoring computer science and minoring in electrical engineering. In addition to TBP, I'm a board member of WECE, a course assistant for CS 374, and a member of WCS. I like dogs, playing music, and creative online content.

Esther Murray

Recording Secretaries -
Jonathan Chang (

Hi! I'm a junior majoring in Bioengineering with a minor in Business. I have great interest in regenerative medicine with a special emphasis on developmental and stem cell biology. In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball and working with Adobe After Effects.

Austin Brown

Treasurer -
Austin Brown (

Hello! My name is Austin Brown. I’m a junior in Computer Science, and I am this year’s Treasurer for Tau Beta Pi. I’m an out-of-state student from Colorado, and a die hard Rockies/Broncos/Avalanche fan. When I’m not at Siebel, I like to play intramurals with friends, and you can usually catch me at the ARC playing basketball or racquetball. So far at UIUC, I’ve also been in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering, so if you have any questions about finding the right major in engineering, let me know! Looking forward to a good year.

Ron Wright

Grad Services -
Ron Wright (

Hello, all! My name is Ron Wright and I am the Graduate Services Chair for Tau Beta Pi this academic year. I am a sixth year graduate student in Computer Engineering from Schaumburg, IL, who graduated with a Master’s degree in December 2014 and is therefore currently a PhD student. My primary area of research is reliable and secure systems. I am part of the PERFORM research group working on the modeling aspects of computer systems, and my graduate advisor is Professor William H. Sanders, Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering. My hobbies include programming, DJing, making music, and watching some TV.

2017-2018 Projects Board

Andy Stork

Andy Stork (

Hi everyone! My name is Andy Stork, and I’m a junior in chemical engineering from La Grange, IL. I’ve been a member of Dr. Catherine Murphy’s research group studying gold nanoparticles for almost two years now. I played trumpet in the Marching Illini my freshman and sophomore years, and I still enjoy playing trumpet and piano in my very limited free time. Also, contrary to my last name, I do not deliver babies in my free time.


Tori Colthurst (

Hi! I’m a sophomore in Computer Engineering originally from Crystal Lake, IL, pursuing a minor in astronomy #spacerocks. Outside of school, I work as an undergraduate assistant for ECE 120 and volunteer at Booker T. Washington Elementary. In my free time I enjoy playing cards and watching movies with friends :)

Daniel Petrisko

Jazzik Peng (

Hi, My name is Zhejian Peng from Shenzhen, China. I go by Jazzik! I am a first-year Financial Engineering Graduate Student. I also did my undergrad in physics here in Champaign. My primary research is modeling P2P loan credit risk using machine learning. Fun fact about me! I am a scuba diver, so if you are interested in diving with me, please let me know.


Elena Maria Zannoni (

Hi All! I’m a second year Ph.D student in Bioengineering at UIUC. I am part of the Radiation Detection Imaging Group at the Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering Department and my research focus on imaging instrumentation development in x-ray and nuclear medicine. I earned both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Pisa (Italy) and then I decided to move to U.S. to pursue my Ph.D at UIUC. In my free time I love to go to the movie theater or to the Krannert Center and, when possible, travel.


Keshav Harisrikanth (

Hello! My name is Keshav Harisrikanth. I’m a sophomore in Electrical Engineering from Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Outside of TBP, I am also involved in HKN, the ECE honors society, and am an undergraduate assistant for ECE 120. I’m also a part of Illini Formula Electric, where I work on the power side of things. In terms of field of study, I like all sorts of stuff across hardware and software, and hope to bring those together through working in embedded systems. In school before coming to college I studied Ancient Latin for 7 years. I’m looking forward to a great year for TBP!



Principal Advisor -
John Popovics (

Faculty Directory

John S. Popovics holds B.S. and M.S. degrees (Drexel University 1988 and 1990, respectively) in civil engineering, and a Ph.D. (The Pennsylvania State University 1994) in engineering science and mechanics. He has been on the faculty of the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois since January 2002. He has also held the positions of Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, Assistant Professor at Drexel University, Guest Scientist at the German Federal Materials Research Institute (BAM-Berlin), Visiting Professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain and Visiting Researcher, Laboratoire Centrale des Pont et Chaussées (LCPC) in France.


Advisor -
Marie-Christine Brunet (

Faculty Directory

Dr. Marie-Christine Brunet received her Master Degree with High Honors from the University of Paris VI in 1984 in Computer Science, and her PhD from the University of Paris IX in 1989 in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. Dr. Brunet performed research in Numerical Analysis, specifically in studying the propagation of errors in large numerical codes. She joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering department in 1994 and the College of Engineering Undergraduate Programs as Assistant Dean in August 2012. She taught ECE 110 for 18 years, and was ECE chief advisor for 14 years. She greatly enjoys teaching and any kind of public speaking. Dr. Brunet has given numerous invited lectures on a great variety of topics: “Computer Engineering” to prospective high school women, “Teaching is no longer a dirty job! Thank you Technology” to Staff and Faculty, “Academic Success at Illinois” to exchange international students, “Academic Integrity training for TAs” to engineering TAs, etc. Her current role in the College of Engineering involves advising students on a daily basis, managing College of engineering scholarships, and being the college contact point for all academic integrity issues.


Advisor -
Andreas C Cangellaris (

Faculty Directory

Professor Cangellaris’ research interests are in the area of theoretical and applied electromagnetism with special focus on the advancement of modeling methodologies and the development of computer-aided design tools in support of performance analysis and noise-aware design of high-frequency/high-speed integrated electronic components, circuits and systems. In parallel, his research group is pursuing the development of both physics-based and mathematical model order reduction methodologies for reducing the complexity of discrete electromagnetic and hybrid electromagnetic-circuit models of the interconnect and power distribution network in packaged electronic systems. A recent focus of this modeling and reduced-order modeling effort is in the advancement of comprehensive, physics-based models and reduced-order, accurate macromodels of MEMS devices.


Advisor -
Larry A Fahnestock (

Faculty Directory

Larry A. Fahnestock holds a B.S. (Drexel University, 1996), M.S. (Lehigh University, 1998) and Ph.D. (Lehigh University, 2006), all in civil engineering, in addition to a B.S. (Drexel University, 1996) in architectural engineering. He has been on the faculty of the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the University of Illinois since 2006. During the 2013-2014 academic year, he served as an Education Innovation Fellow in the College of Engineering. From 1998 to 2000, Dr. Fahnestock worked as a structural engineer for KlingStubbins, an architectural and engineering firm located in Philadelphia, Pa.