Simon Balisi

Hello all! My name is Simon and I am a senior in Industrial Engineering from Batavia, Illinois. Some of my academic interests include economics and statistics, which I hope to integrate into my engineering studies. When I’m not studying, I enjoy both playing and watching soccer, listening to music, and planning future travels all over the world!

Executive Vice President

Anna Miller

Hello! I am a senior pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Physics. Outside of classes, I am involved in research on semiconductors with a specific interest in photonics applications. In my free time, I like to draw/paint, listen to music, and go out for bubble tea with friends.


Brady Moore

Hello! My name is Brady and I am a sophomore doing a dual degree in Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering and Physics. I’m involved with research at the Center for Plasma-Material Interactions on campus where I work with liquid lithium. In my free time, I play cello in the Philharmonia Orchestra and I’m on the rugby team.

Recording Secretary

Annie Brunton

Hi Tau Bates! I am a second year master’s student in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. I grew up in Southern Arizona and did my undergrad at the University of Arizona. Outside of researching soil and water resources, I like exploring the outdoors by running, hiking, spelunking etc., playing board or card games, and trying out new vegetarian recipes.

Corresponding Secretary

Arthur Paganini

Hello everybody! My name is Arthur Paganini. I am a senior in the Aerospace Engineering department, where I’ve helped with composites research. I was born in Brazil but I grew up in Warren, New Jersey. In my free time I enjoy running and listening to music.

Projects Vice President Service

Eric Edstrom

Greetings! I’m a senior in Engineering Physics from Chicago, Illinois. Beyond academics, I’m involved with a student theater on campus, especially with the What You Will Shakespeare Company. I enjoy reading, politics, and art films.

Projects Vice President Professional

Keshav Adhyay

Hello! I’m Keshav Adhyay and I am a senior pursuing degrees in Engineering Physics and Applied Mathematics. I’m also part of a quantum optics research group focusing on quantum communication. In my spare time, I like swimming, badminton and reading history.

Projects Vice President Social

Rey Virani

Hi everyone! My name is Rey and I’m a senior studying Mechanical Engineering from Seattle, WA. When I’m not working, I’m usually producing music, playing a sport or hanging out with friends. I’m also big into politics and software development and RF engineering!

Graduate Student Services

Aravind Baby

Hi everyone! I am a third year PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering from Kerala, India. Research on peroxide catalysis and lead acid batteries take up most of my time. The rest is shared between singing, cycling, hiking, and of course, napping!

Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator

Farah Mohammed Rafee

Hi everyone! My name is Farah and I’m a junior majoring in Engineering Physics. I plan to focus on nuclear physics and minor in chemistry. When I’m not holed up in a cafe catching up on homework, you can find me taking walks around campus, reorganizing my Spotify playlists, or napping at Grainger.