Active Membership

Members must attend the semesterly General Meeting on Saturday, April 27th at 11 am (directly following the initiation ceremony) in the Siebel Center for CS Room 1404 to maintain active membership. Additionally, members must complete the initiate elections and submit updated resumes each semester. Please submit your resume to the Spring 2024 Resume Submission Form with the following file name convention:
first name_last name.pdf or .docx (ex: John_Doe.pdf )

As an active member, you are eligible to rent/buy cords and/or stoles from our chapter.

Please see the Spring 2024 Member Handbook for a more detailed description of membership requirements.

Distinguished Active Membership

To receive this special recognition, members must meet all the requirements for active membership and:

  1. Obtain 4 points by attending TBP-sponsored activities per semester
  2. Assist in the Initiate Interview process by volunteering to interview for 1 hour with a current officer
  3. Proctor 1 bent polishing session


  1. Lead a TBP committee of your choice. This committee’s primary goal will be to foster greater member participation after initiation through fun and worthwhile activities.

We will add your name to the Member tab of the Point Tracking Sheet as you complete the requirements.

Benefits for Being a Distinguished Active Member

  • Attend the end-of-semester banquet for free
  • Access to the $3000 Ruth & Harold Hayward Scholarships as part of the Grainger Scholarships for Continuing Students
  • Free cords upon graduation if you have been distinguished active for at least 50% of eligible semesters
  • Receive a senior medallion if you have been distinguished active for 2 semesters (email Anna Marie Buss ( if you are interested)
  • Recognition at the general meeting each semester you are distinguished active
  • Become more connected with our chapter and fully utilize the TBP network and resources