Active Membership

To maintain active membership, members must attend the semesterly General Meeting (usually held at the beginning of May and December). Additionally, active members must complete the initiate elections and submit updated resumes each semester. Please email your resume to using the following convention:
Email Subject Line: Spring 2022 Active Membership Resume
File Name: first name_last_name.pdf or .docx (ex: Andrew_Johnson.pdf )

Distinguished Active Membership

To receive this special recognition, members must:

  1. meet all criteria for being an active member
  2. complete 3 hours of TBP sponsored activities per semester
  3. assist in the Initiate Interview process by volunteering to interview for 1 hour with a current officer

You may attend the initiate banquet for free and be awarded the Senior Medallion for staying distinguished active for 2 semesters. Please email Simon Balisi ( if you are interested. We will add your name to the Member tab of the Point Tracking Sheet.